Project Cars

  • Spaced Out!

    Spaced Out!

    30th October 2017

    Dan beefs up the Fondeo’s stance with a wider track thanks to some H&R spacers…

  • Farewell Fiesta!

    Farewell Fiesta!

    30th October 2017

    The time has come for Jamie to say goodbye to the fantastic Red Edition…

  • Show time!

    Show time!

    30th October 2017

    Jamie proudly shows the RS at the recent RS Combe event…

  • Gettin’ Low!

    Gettin’ Low!

    30th October 2017

    It was back on its wheels at last. After days spent up in the air while I messed around with bits of suspension, the Fondeo was finally ready to roll. All I needed was to tighten the last few fittings…

  • Breathe Easy

    Breathe Easy

    30th October 2017

    Let the upgrades commence. Starting with a Steeda cold air intake …

  • Looking good!

    Looking good!

    30th October 2017

    Jamie adds a full set of Maxton Design front, rear, and side splitter to further beef-up the RS’s looks…

  • Chassis improvements

    Chassis improvements

    30th October 2017

    As much as I love this car, the handling has never been up to spec in my opinion. I’m well aware than I want to have my cake and eat it too, as it is sitting very low for a…

  • Power Steering!

    Power Steering!

    30th October 2017

    The Escort did originally run a power-assisted steering setup a few years back, but when we added the big turbo in our search for really big bhp figures we were forced to remove it. The alternator was suffering from heat…

  • On Show!

    On Show!

    30th October 2017

    Jamie takes the RS to the recent Pure Ford show Castle Combe…

  • Dan’s new addition to the fleet – The Fondeo ST250

    Dan’s new addition to the fleet – The Fondeo ST250

    30th October 2017

    Have you ever had a habit you just can’t break? Now, I don’t mean smoking or drinking or waking up in a bus shelter while dressed as a nun. I mean the sort of silly routine that you simply cannot…