It’s often surprising how quickly aftermarket brands manage to get parts onto the market so soon after a particular model has been launched. Tuning parts require specialist design and extensive testing to ensure that, as well as delivering the sort of gains you’d hope for, they also offer a perfect fit in each application – so if a company rushes something to market simply with the aim of being first, every customer who buys it will be receiving a compromised product.

So how do specialists like Scorpion Exhausts react so quickly to newly-launched models while also delivering the impeccable quality you’d expect? The key is to work closely with customers and local dealerships to get cars as quickly as possible in order to develop products. Take the new Mk8 Fiesta ST-Line, for example: Scorpion has a long-standing customer who’s always had Scorpion exhausts, and he had one of the first UK models available and personally requested that his car be used to develop the new system.

Scorpion’s new ST-Line exhaust is a cat-back system constructed from T304 stainless steel, in a 63.5mm (2.5in) diameter. Resonated and non-resonated versions are available, and each has an acoustically-developed rear silencer to improve the tone and reduce drone – so it’ll sound much better on a spirited run, but won’t be annoying on the motorway! It’s lighter than the OEM system, dyno-tuned for optimised performance, and comes with either polished or black ceramic Daytona tailpipes. High-flow turbo downpipes with sport cats or de-cats are also available, all interchangeable with OEM as required.

Working on the ST-Line has given Scorpion clear insight into what’s expected for the new ST model, with the analytical data they’ve already gathered providing a lot of clues to what the ST system will be able to deliver. In addition, Ford aftermarket specialist CEUK have already dropped off their Mk8 ST to Scorpion, and they’ll also be taking delivery of their own ST-3 in due course, meaning that the development is already well underway.

So that’s how Scorpion do it so fast while also doing it so well – by working hand-in-hand with the very same customers who’ll benefit from the products they develop. And it all comes with a lifetime guarantee!


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