Steeda UK are offering the chance for Mk2 Focus ST and RS owners to get their hands on a very special performance exhaust system, designed and developed by ex-Ford Racing chief engineer, Allan Wilkinson.

Allan’s industry credentials read like a “who’s who” of the motor industry. Having forged a reputation as one of the world’s top car design engineers, he has worked for BMW, Jaguar and Toyota, as well being Ford Racing’s chief engineer. He’s also famous for the legendary 1974 Escort Mexico advert from back in the day – yep, that handsome fellow in the dapper suit with the epic ‘tasche is none other than Mr. Wilkinson himself!


Not one to stand still, Allan soon found himself working on the Mk2 Focus RS 500. He started by recreating the epic Mexico advert. The dapper suit has gone, but thankfully the moustache remains!

More importantly  Allan also went on to create a bespoke high performance exhaust for the RS500, made to his specification by the factory. When he told Steeda about it (and the fact it was just sitting in his garage gathering dust!) they just knew that one of the many Focus RS fans out there would want a unique piece of Ford history on their own car.

The exhaust is a one off big-bore design from front to back, designed to look stock but offer greatly enhanced performance. It’s currently for sale via auction on Ebay

Why is this exhaust so special?

Allan wanted maximum performance, which is only to be expected from a motorsport chief engineer, so he went for a big-bore system for reduced back pressure and optimal turbo performance. As a race engineer too, he threw out the cat, but designed a unique under floor cat housing that houses a resonator which can easily be swapped out for a stock cat should you want to keep the car 100% road legal.

Not only that but Allan had identified and solved the issue with bolts working their way loose on Focus RS exhaust systems, and his design eliminates this frequent and aggravating problem. Some highlights below from the design documents, which the winning bidder will get e-copies of along with the system itself.

Allan’s design also significantly reduces back pressure, from 92Kpa as found on the RS500, to just 46Kpa! Meaning less back pressure, and ultimately more performance potential! In addition the exhaust has been designed to sound much better than the stock system too, especially targeting a reduction in ‘rush noise’ by adding three extra resonators contained within the rear box section. The end result is an encouraging and much more appealing low frequency bark and roar.

Appearance wise the system looks almost stock, but the eagle eyes will spot the larger bore, and of course when the engine is fired up they will hear the difference!

So, if you want to own a piece of Focus RS history, designed by a Ford legend as well as fitting your car with a unique exhaust system, then head to the auction page and get bidding!

For more details and the full story, head to Steeda’s website.