A the New Year draws ever closer it’s time for us to look back at the Fast Ford-featured cars of 2016 and decide which was our favourite. We’ve started you off, and have narrowed the selection down to 10 of the greatest feature cars to appear in the 2016 issues of the mag, but now it’s up to you to decided who is deemed the Fast Ford Car of the Year 2016!

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Majid Aziz
Escort Cosworth

Who doesn’t love a Mallard Escos? Majid Aziz certainly does! After searching for many years for the right one, he finally settled on this beauty. Prior to getting his hands on it it had already been given the full works by Collins Performance, and then looked after by Mark Shead – so Majid went back for a second helping. The result? A 520bhp masterpiece with some of the finest mods money can buy, including Mahle internals, an Autronic ECU, and Black Art Designs coilovers. But it’s probably the wheels that get the most attention as they’re a perfect choice for a Mallard RS – Compomotive TH1882s with WRC-inspired OZ Racing decals.

Quick Spec:
MADevelopments long-studded block, Mahle internals, WRC inlet, Autronic ECU, Oppliger gearbox, BAD coilovers, AP Brakes, 18in Compomotive TH1882s. Power: 520bhp (est)

Featured: February 2016 (366)



Will Fraser
Mk2 Focus RS

The owner of this tasty RS wasn’t always a fan of the Blue Oval – Will Fraser was once a die-hard Vauxhall man! But this Mk2 lured him away from the Griffin. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, with Will having more than his fair share of mechanical issues caused by a careless previous owner. Jamsport were on hand not only to fix it, but to also add an extra helping of performance with their JS420 kit. But Will didn’t stop there, with further mods seeing him smash out 466bhp and a desire to go chasing 600! And if you’re wondering, the stunning red bodywork is a flawlessly applied 3M wrap courtesy of Joyce Designs.

Quick Spec:
Loba stage 2 turbo, Jamsport custom map, 750cc injectors, BC Racing coilovers, Summit strut braces, K-Sport 8-pot brakes, 19in OZ Superturismo GTs. 3M wrap. Power: 466Bhp

Featured: May 2016 (369)



Robert Shaw
Sierra Cosworth
When it comes to modifying the exterior of a Sierra Cossie you’ve not got many options – It’s damn near perfect as it is. One failsafe route is to kit it out with RS500 components, and that’s exactly what Robert Shaw has done. Granted, most of the OEM upgrades were on the car when he bought it, but Robert fitted some of his own additions to really turn this into his dream Cosworth. In keeping with the styling the engine has also been given RS500-inspired treatment, with a 200 block, flowed head, rebuilt T4 and eight green injectors. These, along with a selection of supporting mods give somewhere in the region of 515bhp!

Quick Spec:
RS500 spec engine including T4, eight greens, 200 block and gas flowed head, Avo coilovers, AP four pots, 18in Compomotive MO6 alloys, Gen RS500 bumper, splitter, spoiler, and grilles. Power: 515bhp (est)

Featured: June 2016 (370)



Mark Sargeant
Mk3 Escort

No Fast Ford COTY list would be complete without an early Escort, and Mark Sargeant’s example is damn near perfect. It boasts the styling additions which make the 1600i so iconic, and a set of mint diamond cut RS 7-spokes are the icing on the visual cake. But Mark’s not left the original slightly asthmatic engine in the bay, instead he’s opted for a 2.1 litre ZVH utilising some healthy mods which have the ability to knock on the door of 300bhp with some further fettling. One super cool touch is the RS2100i graphics which Mark has had custom made specially for his Mercury Grey Mk3.

Quick Spec:
2.1 ZVH, Wossner pistons, Stage 3 big valve head, Piper 285T cam, Stage 2 hybrid T34, Pro Alloy radiator, S1 running gear with Koni/Apex suspension, Mondeo calipers, EBC discs and pads, 17in RS 7-spoke alloys. Power 250bhp (est)

Featured: October 2016 (375)



Tom Blackwood
Fiesta V8

If this was an award for the Nuttiest Car of The Year then Tom’s Fiesta would win hands down. It not only looks like it’s just drifted off a rally stage, it also packs an insane supercharged 5.0 V8 engine capable of 700bhp! Oh, and did we mention it’s rear-wheel drive? It will probably come as no surprise that the man behind the machine is none other than AG Motorsport’s Andrew Gallacher. It’s the latest in a long line of insane motors designed with the sole intention of going as fast as is humanly possible. Owner Tom spared no expense to create what must surely be the lairiest road-going Fiesta in existence!

Quick Spec:
Ford 5.0 V8 Coyote engine, Edelbrock G-Force supercharger system, Edelbrock map, Quaife 69G sequential gearbox, Proflex coilovers, AP Racing 360mm brakes, 18in Compomotive MOs, full M-Sport R5+ bodykit, carbon rear wing. Power: 700bhp

Featured: October 2016 (375)



Wayne Gregory
Focus ST

There’s a great way to get Mk2 Focus RS looks and power for a lot less cash… simply do what Wayne Gregory did and drop £6k on a ST which had already had RS bodywork, then take it to Devil Developments and ask for ‘the works’. What you’ll end up with is 530bhp and one seriously quick car! Ok, so it’s a whole lot more involved than that, but the end result is pretty damn special. And to make it even more special (and to get the purist’s knickers properly twisted) Wayne added air-ride suspension! Not a car for the shy retiring type, but it’s a mightily impressive build!

Quick Spec:
2.5 ST engine, Syvecs ECU, Newman cams, Garrett GTX3076R turbo, Anembo inlet, RS gearbox, Airlift Performance air-ride suspension, 19in Rota GTR alloys, full RS bodywork, custom wrap, RS seats and huge install. Power: 530bhp

Featured: November (376)



Tom Blackwood
Escort Cosworth

Having one car in the COTY shortlist is kinda cool, but having two, well, that’s just showing off! But when you take a look at this Escort, it’s pretty obvious why it’s been shortlisted. Tom’s a serial Ford nut (with an eye-watering collection of Blue Ovals to his name) and this is the ex-Reyland Escos previously owned and created by Martin Hadland. Tom snapped it up, and had it delivered as a rolling shell to the ever talented Andrew Gallacher. He wanted the ultimate Knockhill plaything, and with an SCS-built 820bhp YB feeding power through an FFD six-speed sequential gearbox he’s certainly achieved that goal!
Quick Spec:
SCS built YB, S&J Engineering alloy block, Nick Waples head, T04Z turbo, Pectel T6, 8 injectors, FFD sequential gearbox, Proflex dampers, 18in Compomotive MOs, WRC bodywork,

Power: 820bhp (on 102Ron fuel)

Featured: April 2016 (368)



Chris Arnott
Mk2 Focus RS

This isn’t the first Focus RS Chris Arnott has owned, it’s the second. There was a brief dalliance with an Audi RS4, before Chris realised that it was a ‘real’ RS that he needed in his life. The Focus was purchased with an Azure wrap, but Chris decided on a respray in the same hue. While the engine was out (he wanted a proper spray job!) he had the 5-pot shipped off to non other than Mr Harvey Gibbs! The result is not only a Focus with bespoke details everywhere you look, but also a Focus singing to the tune of over 500bhp. Take a good long look at the pictures, as the devil’s most certainly in the detail with this one.

Quick Spec:
Hybrid turbo, SCS head, JWR cams, JWR140i software, Anembo inlet, 650cc injectors, BC ER coilovers, K-Sport brakes, 19in Rota alloys, respray in Azure Blue, airbrushed RS logos. Power: 500+bhp

Featured: September 2016 (374)



Dan Terry
Escort RS Turbo

With the prices of S1 RSTs on the up, you’d be forgiven for wanting to take one, wrap it in cotton wool and keep it safely tucked away. But not Dan Terry – His is a cracking example of an RS that’s built to be enjoyed, and not as an investment. Not long after acquiring the S1 Dan sought out a low-mileage Ian Howell 2.1ZVH and running gear. The bodywork was given a fresh respray, and with the help of Ben Carter the trick engine was installed. Oddkidd Development also got involved to fine tune the engine, and the resulting Escort is a corker! One of the biggest talking points is the wheels – refreshingly they aren’t Comps, they’re actually Japan Racing JR11s, and the offset and style suits the RS perfectly. A cool, useable, and fun Series 1!

Quick Spec:
Ian Howell 2.1 ZVH, OFAM ECU, Hybrid T3, Stage 2 CTS gearbox, Gaz coilovers, Wilwood front brakes, 16in Japan Racing JR11 wheels, Focus bonnet vents, RS2000 boot spoiler, digital dash, leather retrim. Power: 270bhp (est)

Featured: December 2016 (377)



Ramin Scobie
Sapphire Cosworth

Within hours of buying his RWD Cossie Ramin Scobie was in trouble. Not only did third gear let go, it also dropped a valve, wrecking the head. Only for it to then drop another valve once rebuilt! Rather than throw in the towel Ramin saw this as the opportunity to go find a 4×4 head and 200 block and create his ideal spec engine. And with the right mods it’s now comfortably over 400bhp. Externally Ramin has wisely kept it subtle with an RS500 splitter, and rare Rouse 304-R rear spoiler. The rims are Compomotive (it’s a Saph!) but in CXT flavour rather than the more common MOs. As useable RWD Saphs go, this one’s damn near perfect!

Quick Spec:
YB, 200 block, 4×4 cylinder head, T38, Airtec intercooler, 660cc injectors, P8 ECU, Gaz coilovers, polybushed Mk1 FRS Brembo brakes, 18in Compomotive CXT alloys, Rouse 304-R spoiler, RS500 splitter. Power: 420bhp


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