When it comes to performance exhaust systems there seems to be a current trend of ‘bigger is better’ among Ford fans. Yes, larger tailpipes fill the cut-outs in the rear valance much better than smaller pipes – especially on models like the Mk2 Focus ST and RS and the new Mk3 Focus RS too.


But having a larger diameter exhaust system can cause unwanted effects; excessive volume and drone being the worst culprits. Thankfully Scorpion have the perfect solution; they offer their exhaust systems with a range of tailpipe options to fit to their acoustically-developed cat-back systems. This means you can enjoy all the performance benefits and improved audible experience of a Scorpion system, and then couple that to a tailpipe design that suits your car perfectly.


And they’ve just extended the range to include a new, larger 114mm version of their most popular design – the Daytona. This means that Mk3 Focus RS owners can now enjoy a system that not only offers the performance benefits they’ve come to expect from Scorpion, but can also revel in a pair of aggressive 114mm exhaust tips that really fill the RS’s rear diffuser to the maximum. If you don’t fancy the Daytona, there’s also the 114mm Indy design too, currently exclusive to the Mk3 Focus RS.


Good news for Mk2 Focus RS owners too – Scorpion are currently developing the 114mm Daytona tailpipe options for the Mk2 version, which will be available very soon!


Like all of Scorpion’s tailpipe options, the Daytona is available in polished stainless for the classic look, or also a contemporary black ceramic coated finish for owners who want to keep up with the latest trends. The premium-grade ceramic finish does add around £95 to the cost over the polished stainless tips, but they do look amazing! And, like all of Scorpion’s products, they’re covered by a full lifetime warranty too!

We’ve already discovered that the performance of the Mk3 Focus RS can be improved with a sports exhaust  and that a sports exhaust system can make your fast Ford even more exciting to drive but now, with the right tailpipes, it can also make your Ford look the part too!

So, if you want to improve the looks, sound, and performance of your fast Ford head to the Scorpion website to see just what’s available – consider it your tip of the day!


Scorpion Exhausts

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Focus RS Mk3, (non-valved, polished tips) – £740

Focus RS Mk3, (non-valved, ceramic tips) – £835

Focus RS Mk3, (valved, polished tips) – £945

Focus RS Mk3, (valved, ceramic tips) – £1040