The news is full of stuff about electric cars lately, and the world of fast Fords is no different. But what happens when our need for renewable energy meets our thirst for old-school performance and passion? Well, that’s where companies like Everrati join the party. Everrati are a technology company specialising in futureproofing automotive icons through the integration electric powertrains, and they have teamed up with Superformace (the people behind the GT40 cars used in films like Le Mans ’66) to create an electrified version of the legendary GT40. The Everrati and Superformance partnership will allow enthusiasts to drive an electric-powered GT40, with development of this first model already underway. A prototype chassis has been built and is being comprehensively adapted from ICE power to advanced electric propulsion at Everrati’s UK development centre in Upper Heyford, a former US air base in the English Cotswolds.

Is this sacriledge, or the saviour of a fast Ford icon?




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