We’ve featured some fantastic fast Fords in the 2020 issues. We’ve narrowed them down to a shortlist of just 12, now it’s time for you to vote for the winner.


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A: S1 RS Turbo

Owner: Adam Bowler

Featured: January 2020

When Adam discovered some rot, he did a lot more than just ‘save’ this RS Turbo; he turned it into a show-stunning track car, complete with a 268bhp old-school 1.6-litre CVH.


B: Sierra Cosworth RS500 & Escort Cosworth

Owners: Costas Costi & Bruce Saunders

Featured: February 2020

You get two for the price of one here, and both Costas’ RS500 and Bruce’s EsCps would be potentially contenders in their own right; both period-perfect fast road cars sprinkled with a bit of magic from the maestro, Ahmed Bayjoo.


C: Fiesta ST200

Owner: Burger

Featured: March 2020

Working at Ford, Burger asked outright ‘will Ford make a Fiesta RS?’ When he was told ‘no’, he set about creating his own version, complete with wide arches, rally car wheels, and a crazy 347bhp at the wheels.


D: S2 RS Turbo

Owner: Mat Grafton

Featured: Spring 2020

Sometimes fast Fords are about much more than metal and horsepower; Mat’s stunning 303bhp Series Two is a flawless tribute to the memory of a lost friend.


E: Escort RS Cosworth

Owner: Dean Long

Featured: April 2020

When Ford released the Escort Cosworth in 1992, they missed a trick by not offering it in purple. But Dean’s vivid example is a lot more than just a fancy colour change, this is one serious all-round fast Ford.


F: Mk3 Fiesta

Owner: Stephan Polzin

Featured: May/June 2020

Stephan’s Fiesta showcases German engineering at its best; when the ever more powerful 1.8-litre Zetec Turbo engine finally became too much for the Fiesta to find grip (at over 600bhp) Stephan grafted on the 4Motion system from a VW Golf.


G: Mk6 Fiesta ST

Owner: Danny Simmons

Featured: July 2020

They say to make a car faster ‘just add boost’. In Danny’s case, that’s an ‘Eco-boost’, as he’s slotted the turbocharged unit from the Mk7 ST into his Mk6… and then tuned it to produce 344bhp.


H: Focus Cosworth

Owner: Hannah Ward

Featured: August 2020

There’s no missing Hannah’s FoCos in its Porsche-inspired paint job and WRC-spec body kit. And thanks to a 582bhp Cossie YB up front, full 4×4 system, and track-ready suspension setup there’s not much chance of catching it either.


I: Escort RS Cosworth

Owner: Philipp Federau

Featured: September 2020

Built by his late brother and preserved as a family heirloom by Philipp, this Escort Cossie is perfect time capsule of 2000s Euro-influence modding; bad boy bonnet, subtle paintjob, deep-dish alloys, and a real clubsport vibe.


J: Gartrac G6 Escort

Owner: Jason Wall

Featured: October 2020

The Gartrac G6 is one of the rarest Blue Ovals ever made, and Jason’s is built in memory of two great men; his dad and Gartrac founder Dave Bignold. They’d both approve of the YB upgrade and flawless finish Jason’s achieved.


K: Mk3 Focus RS

Owner: Richard Szaranek

Featured: November 2020

The Mk3 Focus RS may be one of the newest fast Fords on the scene, but that hasn’t stopped owners like Richard really pushing the boundaries with performance tuning; his produces over 500bhp and is packed full of upgrades throughout.


L: Focus RS & Escort RS Cosworth

Owners: Steven & Liam Miller

Featured: December 2020

Like father, like son. These two Ford fans own a brace of the best Blue Ovals you’ll find at any summer show; both beautifully presented but with some serious performance to match.