AET Motorsport, a supplier of performance car parts, attended the infamous Nürburgring with a 330bhp road-legal Ford Fiesta ST and achieved a time of 8 minutes 15 seconds. This makes it only 2 seconds slower than the 507hbp 6.2l V8 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with the Performance Package, which cost over £60,000 new.

The eye-watering amount of money needed to purchase the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is over three times the amount required to purchase and tune the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST used, which you can purchase second-hand for approximately £10,000. The modifications required to make it an 8-minute Nürburgring monster cost £10,378, meaning you can have a hot hatch that is as fast as the C63 AMG, Honda NSX and even supercars for around £20,000.


  • Car
    2015 Ford Fiesta ST
  • Engine
    AET Motorsport VT330R hybrid turbo, VUDU downpipe, ITG induction kit, AIRTEC stage 3 intercooler, Cobra exhaust, VUDU rear engine mount, Turbosmart recirc value.
  • Chassis
    VUDU upper strut brace, TAROX 6-pot brake kit with 2-piece disc, VUDU short-shift, adjustable KW coil-over kit, Summit front and rear lower strut brace, Kaaz LSD and short final drive.

Nürburgring, or specifically Nordschleife, the 13-mile track featuring 73 turns, was chosen as the place to test the 330bhp monster due to it being synonymous with pushing cars and drivers to their limits. It is arguably one of the most demanding tracks in the world due to it’s complicated corners, treacherous crests, gradients and steep inclines spread-out over 13 miles, making it difficult to learn and ultimately master.

Nick Cook, the driver and director of AET Motorsport, shared his experience:
“This was my first time visiting the infamous track and I was totally overwhelmed by its sheer presence. I am a circuit racer in my free time and it was alien to me to go out on cold tyres and be expected to break heavily from 150mph for a tight first corner.”

What’s next for the 330bhp Fiesta ST and AET Motorsport? “We will absolutely be going back. I honestly believe we can easily knock 30 seconds off our time, which would see us contending with the Pagani Zonda S 7.2, Audi R8 Coupe 5.2 FSI quattro and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. These are cars that cost anywhere from £130k to over 1 million!” said Nick.

AET Motorsport intend to visit the track regularly to test all of their own-brand VUDU performance parts. Furthermore, to chase their goal of 7-minute laps, they will be tweaking the car further to match the requirements of the track.

See AET Motorsport’s quick-lap around Nordschleife below…


About AET Motorsport & VUDU

With four decades of motorsport experience, we specialise in performance parts to squeeze every drop of power from your vehicle when winning means everything. We’re passionate about the motorsport industry and provide a touch of black magic though our core principles of experience, expertise, passion and talent, giving you the edge needed to succeed.

VUDU, AET’s own brand of performance parts and accessories have been specifically designed and vigorously track tested to add a little voodoo inside your ride.