The May 2021 issue of Fast Ford is now available

Inside the latest issue we’ve got Ali McMillan’s awesome RS500 – a car that proves sometimes less is more, and with a handful of subtle tweaks (including those gorgeous BBS splits!) he’s created his ideal road-going Cossie.

There’s also a few few pink splashes in the issue; starting out with Carl Taylors RS Turbo. Pink cars were all the rage in the Max Power-era of the 1990s. So were RS Turbos. But never have we seen the two combine quite so well as on Carl’s jaw-dropping Escort. Purists will want to look away, but it’s a modifier’s delight.

Then we also have Michelle and Stuart Llewellyn’s Mk2 ST; with pink accents studding the Stealth Grey body, it’s not exactly subtle. But thanks to a hot motor and endless custom work, there’s even more firepower than you might suspect.


All this and more inside issue 434…

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