Here’s a quick preview of what’s inside the Jan 2022 issue.


■ Everyone loves a homebuilt hero, and in the Jan 2022 issue we’ve got one of the best we’ve ever seen. Tobias Arkell’s stunning Fiesta XR2i soon found itself running a turbocharged 2.0-litre Zetec from an ST170, but that wasn’t enough for Tobias who then set about rotating the engine 90 degrees and sending all of that power straight to the rear wheels. Find out how he did just that (and why!) in the Jan issue.



■ Remember the Fiesta ST MR200? Yes, that 200bhp upgrade from Ford’s official tuning partners Mountune. Well, inside the Jan issue we’ve tracked down a group of five cars (handily, one in each colour!) and their owners to tell us more about this feisty Fiesta.

■ As 2022 draws closer, it’s time for us to reflect on the cars we’ve featured over the past 13 issues and ask you to vote for your ‘Car of the Year’. We’re narrowing down the short-list right now, and the voting will be open by the time the Jan issue lands.

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