As the end of the year approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect on the stand-out cars and moments of 2019. Welcome, to the coveted Fast Ford Awards. We’ve put together our own little awards ceremony, with no fewer than eight different categories covering all the best bits the fast Ford scene had to offer this year. The categories include: Best Old School for fast Fords built before the year 2000; Best Modern for post-2000 Blue Ovals; Best Track Car for those machines that have more than a little motorsport influence; Best Wildcard for the awesome fast Fords out there that don’t follow the tried-and-tested narrative; Best Show for the epic events we enjoy throughout the summer; Best Photo for the incredible snaps we’ve been able to bring you this year; and Best Cover where we will see which issue had the best front cover this year. Oh, and then there’s the big one too; Car of the Year 2019.

But be quick! Voting closes on 8th December. The winners will be announced in the next issue, on sale 27th December.



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