Undeterred by a lack of off-the-shelf aftermarket parts for his Mondeo ST220, Marc Neill instead used it as an excuse to go a little bit crazy with his build. And the results have left him with a super saloon you certainly won’t be forgetting in a hurry…!

Regardless of what brand-specific car magazine or show you check out, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll soon notice that some models will be far more popular than others in that particular scene.

It even happens in FF to a certain extent. As much as we like to mix things up and keep the awesomeness as varied as possible throughout these pages, because we aim to represent the Ford world as a whole, some specific types of car inevitably pop up slightly more often than others as a result.

Daring to be a little different when choosing your next project car can certainly help you stand out from the masses, then, but it also puts you in danger of facing a lack of advice and bespoke parts along the way. It hasn’t put Suffolk-based Marc here off in the slightest, though, who’s persisted with the transformation of his often-overlooked Mondeo ST220 to illustrate that sometimes, it really is best to not follow the trends. Trust us, the future’s bright, the future’s very, very orange…

Marc’s most recent acquisition was never originally meant to go quite this far down the modifying rabbit hole, it’s important to add. Previously owning a string of arguably more popular Ford choices in the past, this range-topping, V6-powered example of the firm’s mid-sized saloon was snapped up around three years ago as initially nothing more than a reliable, sensible cruiser to add a little more excitement to those mundane weekend tasks we all perform.

“It was a tidy black example with that contrasting red Recaro interior,” Marc recalls. “My idea of a perfect weekend car that I wouldn’t have to modify in the slightest!” As seems to be the case worryingly often with us car nuts, though, it didn’t take too long at all for this innocent plan to be thrown right out of the window, with Marc soon bagging himself a sun strip that represented his favourite Ford club – The Blue Oval Project – as well as some subtle lowering springs that helped supply the Mondeo with a slightly more show-friendly ride height.

From here on out, things only escalated, with the Mondeo becoming more and more serious (and orange!) the more time he spent with it. Not that it was plain sailing in the slightest, though… “I found it difficult for companies to take the fact I was modifying a Mondeo seriously, and the lack of bespoke parts available meant I often had to start from a blank canvas,” he explains, each incident merely acting as more fuel for the fire to keep pushing on….