• (Exhaust) Tip of the Day

    (Exhaust) Tip of the Day

    14th December 2017

    When it comes to performance exhaust systems there seems to be a current trend of ‘bigger is better’ among Ford fans. Yes, larger tailpipes fill the cut-outs in the rear valance much better than smaller pipes – especially on models…

  • Basics: Braided Hoses

    Basics: Braided Hoses

    5th July 2017

    Big brake conversions, increased engine fuelling demands, and upgraded clutch systems are just a few things on modified cars that mean factory-fit rubber fluid hoses and the standard fixings may be reaching the limit of safe performance. The solution is…

  • BASICS: Fuel Swirl Pots

    BASICS: Fuel Swirl Pots

    5th July 2017

    It may sound like something you’d make in a pottery class, but what does a swirl pot actually do?

  • BASICS: Engine Oil

    BASICS: Engine Oil

    5th July 2017

    We take a look at the slippery world of engine oils and help you discover how to know your 0w-40 from your 10w-50!

  • BASICS: Oil Beathers

    BASICS: Oil Beathers

    5th July 2017

    The first time you’ll consider it is when your engine bay is covered in oil, but let’s take a closer look at breather systems before that happens...

  • BASICS: Air/Fuel Ratios

    BASICS: Air/Fuel Ratios

    5th July 2017

    Vital to get correct when tuning any car, let’s take a look at what AFRs are and how they affect our engine.

  • Buyer Guide: Sierra Cosworth RS500

    Buyer Guide: Sierra Cosworth RS500

    5th July 2017

    Download our detailed buying guide from here… The original high-res version was featured in the July 2017 issue (384) – Grab your copy from here…