If you own a Mk7 Fiesta ST and want to make it that little bit better, mountune have got you well covered. First up is their fully warrantied MP215 upgrade, comprising a revised airbox with performance filter and recalibrated software, it increases power to 215PS, lifts torque to 320Nm, and really giving the stock ST a good kick up the backside in the performance stakes – all while retaining the full factory Ford warranty.

As great as the MP215 kit is, it’s only the first step when it comes to tuning the ST, with many owners suggesting this is how the car should have left the factory in the first place. So, building upon the MP215 kit is the MR230 up-grade. Adding a performance exhaust, uprated intercooler to the mix, and high-flow pipework to the mix, power is raised to 230PS with a further 20Nm of torque over the MP215.

We were impressed when we took the MR230 out for a spin (read the review in the December 2015 issue, or online at www.fastfordmag.co.uk) but this month we’re back at mountune HQ to get behind the wheel of their latest offering the Mk7 Fiesta ST – the MR265 upgrade.

As the name suggests, power is taken to 265PS, torque is now a whopping 370Nm, and mountune say the 0-60mph time is reduced to 5.7seconds! The key to this new power is the hybrid turbo upgrade that forms the foundations of the MR265 kit. Alongside the new turbo comes a new, full-front larger capacity intercooler too, although the smaller unit as fitted to the MR230 kit can also be used.

So what’s like behind the wheel? Well, it’s lively! Immediately the roar and rumble from the exhaust lets you know this is no ordinary ST. And then, even just gently cruising around, you can instantly feel the MR265 has more get up and go than the MP215 or MR230 cars. It drives very nicely; the clutch is light and wouldn’t cause any issues to use daily, the brakes bite from cold, and the power is linear and smooth – it has all the benefits of a factory-built example, but it just feels a lot more punchy! It’s spoiling for a bit of action right from the get go!

When you do succumb to its provocation and open up the throttle it rewards you with a seemingly endless wall of torque that just fires you towards the horizon! The way it delivers its power is relentless. There is no let up. At all! Stand on the loud pedal at 3,000 rpm and it will pin your neck against the seat right the way round to the rev limiter. It just loves to rev!

And because it’s all wrapped up in small Fiesta-shaped package, which we all know has a fantastic chassis anyway, it offers one of the most engaging drives of any hot hatch I’ve ever driven. The chassis is almost go-kart like with its cornering abilities, allowing you to literally point-and-squirt the MR265 and drive like an absolute hooligan. There’s just enough torque steer to keep you on your toes without chucking you into a ditch, making the driving experience even more rewarding. On a silky smooth racetrack I have every confidence this thing will just hook up and provide a blistering lap time, but for me that’s not where the MR265 is at its best. It belongs on tight twisty B-roads and back lanes, where it can combine its relentless power delivery with its excellent chassis to make for one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have behind the wheel of a Blue Oval. The car I’m driving boasts mountune’s lowering springs and new big brake kit, which undoubtedly enhance the experiences, but on these roads and in these slightly damp and awkward conditions, this MR265 is one of the most exciting cars I’ve ever driven!

The price for the MR265 is around £4700 if you added the whole package to a standard ST but I suspect most people will work their way through the stages, starting with the MP215 and MR230 before reaching the MR265 level. The cost of adding the MR265 to an MR230 car is £2500.

So should you do it? Bloody right you should! The ST’s chassis is just crying out for more power, and the MR265 delivers that in one of the most enjoyable packages money can buy!


1.6-litre EcoBoost, MR265 kit comprising high-flow air box with dual cold air feeds and high-flow panel filter, high-flow silicone induction hose, charge pipe upgrade kit, uprated large capacity full-front alloy intercooler, high flow exhaust downpipe, 200-cell sports cat, twin-tip cat-back exhaust system, sport spring kit, roll restrictor, big brake kit upgrade, OZ Racing ‘m-spec’ HLT wheels, mountune lower chin spoiler, mountune side graphics

Power: 265PS, 370Nm