Steeda Autosports may be a huge household name in the USA – they are the world’s biggest privately owned Ford tuning specialists, after all – but over recent years they have started making their mark on the UK Ford tuning scene too. Steeda UK offer all kinds of goodies for the fast Ford fan, but their most eye-catching offerings are the Steeda Serialised Vehicles – these come as complete, turnkey upgrades offered with a full warranty. For UK buyers this means that tuned Mustangs and the new Mk5 Mondeo ‘Steeda Mondeo Sport’ are available to buy direct from the dealer, complete with fully-fitted performance upgrades.

And it’s the latter we’ve been lucky enough to take out for a test drive this month!


The car we tested was based on an automatic transmission 2.0-litre EcoBoost-powered Mondeo Titanium, but the Steeda Mondeo Sport package is also available manual versions, and there’s a kit to suit the 1.5-litre EcoBoost models too.

The Steeda upgrade includes a cold air intake and a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system, and on the 2.0-litre versions the package boosts power to 250bhp and 265lb/ft torque. Okay, so it’s not the headline-grabbing figures of a supercharged V8 Mustang but it’s certainly enough to make a notable difference to the humble Mondeo. The beefier induction noise coupled to the encouraging rorty note from the twin tailpipes does wonders to liven up the driving experience, and the car definitely feels peppier than the stock version too. It’s got a surprising amount of get-up-and-go for a car with such basic hardware upgrades.

And, as Steeda are keen to point out, it shows that the physical hardware modifications are working well, as those power gains are achieved while retaining the OE software. So, the Sport benefits from more power and torque than the factory example, but without any drawbacks – and it’s all fully covered by the warranty.

But the performance increase really is only half the story with the Steeda Mondeo Sport, as perhaps the most appealing part of the package is the way it looks. The standard package includes 19in OZ Racing Leggera HLT alloys, but you can choose to upgrade those to the 20in versions that were fitted to the car we tested, both options come wrapped in grippy Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. And because the Mondeo is such a big car it can swallow up the 20s with ease ­– they would definitely be my personal choice over the 19s if I were buying one.

Coupled to the lightweight wheels, the Steeda package also includes a set of performance lowering springs, an uprated rear anti-roll bar, and a full wheel alignment check after installation to make sure everything’s set up correctly. This takes care of both the stance and the handling simultaneously.

The Mondeo has impressive handling in stock form, and I’m please to report that the Steeda upgrades build on these excellent foundations to make for a very capable car indeed. That’s not to say it is super-stiff and shakey like many performance cars, as it most certainly isn’t. In fact, Steeda have hit the nail right on the head for their audience with this car­. It’s not aimed at the same market as things like the Focus RS or Mustang. Instead the Mondeo Sport is targeted at the regular man in the street – someone who needs a reliable car for daily commute, something big enough to get the weekly shop in the boot, and something sensible enough to ferry the kids around at the weekend. But for that moment when the kids are safely ticked up at home, and it’s just you and an empty stretch of road ahead, the Mondeo Sport offers something considerably more exciting than you could ever hope to get from the standard models!

And you have to admit, with those HLTs and the lower ride height, the Steeda Mondeo Sport is damn handsome brute – especially finished in Ruby Red (like the one we tested) or Deep Impact Blue, those two colours are my personal favourites!

I have to admit I’m really quite taken by the Mondeo Sport. It’s big, it’s incredibly comfortable, it’s surprisingly capable (both in a straight line and through the corners!), and, when provoked, it’s actually really fun to drive! But, for many, I suspect the Mondeo’s ace up its sleeve will be the fact that it combines all of the above with the ability to double-up as a regular family wagon too. This makes it the ideal choice for those who can’t justify the expense of owning multiple cars, of those who’s lifestyles dictate the need for a ‘sensible’ car. The good news is ‘sensible’ no longer needs to mean ‘boring’!



Haynes of Maidstone

Haynes of Maidstone have recently teamed up with Steeda UK to offer the full range of tuning upgrades for Ford models. That means you can now buy a brand new Ford direct from Haynes (including Mustang or Focus RS) and also have your Steeda upgrades fitted at source, before you collect your new ride!
For more details check out their website –



Mondeo Titanium automatic, Steeda Mondeo Sport warranty-approved upgrade comprising Steeda high-flow cold air intake system, Steeda cat-back exhaust system (manufactured by Magnaflow), Steeda progressive rate lowering springs, Steeda rear anti-roll bar upgrade, Steeda performance wheel alignment, Steeda graphics package, OZ Racing Leggera HLT alloys with Michelin Pilot Sport high performance tyres.



£5,998 (dealer price, with full warranty)



Steeda UK




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