• Mission Impossible

    Mission Impossible

    7th May 2020

    There’s a reason you don’t see many tuned Mondeo ST220s about, it’s because there isn’t much available for them. But that didn’t stop Andy Martin creating this 300bhp, throttle-bodied winner

  • Special Delivery

    Special Delivery

    6th May 2020

    Modified vans seldom grace these pages, but with its EsCos looks and Cossie YB powerplant, Wayne Muscat’s Escort van is something a bit special.

  • Rags to Riches

    Rags to Riches

    5th May 2020

    Once a builders' hack carrying rocks around a quarry, this P100 now sports 400bhp worth of Cossie YB and a full 4x4 conversion...and some rather in-your-face paintwork too!

  • Social Experiment

    Social Experiment

    4th May 2020

    It may look as if it’ll rip your face off, but every step of this aggressive Focus RS500’s creation has been subject to social media scrutiny… until we ended up with this gorgeous-yet-intimating monster!

  • Immaculate Conception

    Immaculate Conception

    2nd May 2020

    By combining the stunning looks of an Escort with the arse-out rear-wheel-drive antics of a Saph, Iain Stewart has created his ultimate Cossie dream machine.



    1st May 2020

    What do you do when you write-off your girlfriend’s dad’s new car before he’s even had chance to drive it? Promptly rebuild it to an even better spec 
and pray he doesn’t kill you, that’s what!



    30th April 2020

    Michael Watzi was put in a trance by racing Cossies as he was growing up, so he created this naughty Bastos EsCos.



    29th April 2020

    James Hone’s love of Blue Ovals might stem from time spent in his mum’s mediocre Mondeo, but it has culminated in the build of his 630bhp Escort RS Cosworth…

  • Mark of the Beast

    Mark of the Beast

    28th April 2020

    Serial hot hatch enthusiast Mark Maplesden has put a huge amount of effort into beefing up his ST’s spec list. And it all stems from that little yellow boot badge…

  • I am Legend

    I am Legend

    27th April 2020

    Legendary fast Ford engine build, Harvey Gibbs and his ‘90s Escort Cosworth, are taking the fight to big-budget modern competition…



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