• Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    31st October 2019

    When life threw Nathan Mercer some devastating curveballs, he knew just what he had to do: channel his energies into building the fast Ford he’d always dreamed of… Read the full feature in the December 2019 issue…

  • Second Glances, Second Chances

    Second Glances, Second Chances

    23rd September 2019

    It takes a special car to become the master of the double-take. And now that Matt Woodford’s given his big-power Focus a second chance, that’s precisely what he’s created…   Read the full feature in the November 2019 issue…



    22nd September 2019

    A crazy blend of V8 power, stock car racer inspiration, and lots of tyre smoke… it’s a Sierra but not as we know it! Read the full feature in the November 2019 issue…  

  • Cat Power

    Cat Power

    21st September 2019

    The team at Pumaspeed have done the unthinkable and fitted a four-cylinder EcoBoost to a Mk8 Fiesta. Why? Because they can… Read the full feature in the November 2019 issue…

  • Go your own way

    Go your own way

    20th September 2019

    Fiesta RS Turbos may be getting increasingly rare, but that doesn’t mean they have to be kept stock, as Jamie Hurley has proven with this immaculate example… Read the full feature in the November 2019 issue…  

  • Thrash Metal

    Thrash Metal

    5th September 2019

    The perfect antithesis to the concours collector scene, James Pepper’s been giving his 3-door grief for years – and now that it’s been beautifully restored, he’s determined to thrash it even harder… Read the full feature in the October 2019…



    3rd September 2019

    He may have been a slow starter when it comes to modifying Fords, but Adam Haynes has more than made up for lost time with his bewinged Focus ST beauty…   Read the full feature in the October 2019 issue……

  • Fearless


    2nd September 2019

    Buying a slightly sorry-for-itself Cosworth isn’t anything to be afraid of. Scott Rogers had always wanted a Cossie, and when an Escort came up for Sapphire money, he rolled up his sleeves and knocked it into shape… Read the full…

  • The Right Stuff

    The Right Stuff

    1st September 2019

    This Mk6 Fiesta ST has the pristine appearance of a show-and-shine winner – but make no mistake, this super-light, super-powerful race car is incredibly serious. A fact proven by the way it just can’t stop winning races… Read the full…

  • Purple Haze

    Purple Haze

    10th July 2019

    What do you get when you mix red and blue together? If you’re anything like Ed Spencer, the answer is a startling blur of horsepower… Read the full feature in the August 2019 issue…