• Secret Storm

    Secret Storm

    6th August 2020

    Resplendent in Storm Grey, the Mk7 Fiesta ST200 is a modern hot hatch icon. And this one’s got a little secret under the bonnet… Read the full feature in the Sept 2020 issue… Can’t get to the shops? You can…

  • Family Jewel

    Family Jewel

    6th August 2020

    With a unique style and a sentimental history, this Escort is a family heirloom in motion. Read the full feature in the Sept 2020 issue… Can’t get to the shops? You can have the issue delivered direct to you door! …

  • Turbo Time Machine

    Turbo Time Machine

    6th August 2020

    Break out the Craig David and Smirnoff Ice – there’s a strong early 2000’s vibe to this wicked RS Turbo! Read the full feature in the Sept 2020 issue… Can’t get to the shops? You can have the issue delivered…

  • Road and Track

    Road and Track

    6th August 2020

    Rather than compare and compete to see whose ST better,. Husband and wife Ford fans Jeff and Clare Fox pooled their efforts to create not only a fantastic fast road car, but an uncompromising track weapon too… Read the full…

  • Mustang Fever

    Mustang Fever

    14th July 2020

    As soon as he laid eyes on this SN-95 Mustang that was ready to hit the street or strip, it was love at first sight for this fast Ford fanatic and it’s easy to see why… Read the full feature…



    13th July 2020

    Some people like a show car, some people like a track car, and some people just want to go fast and look good while doing it.   Read the full feature in the August 2020 issue… Can’t get to the…

  • Girl power!

    Girl power!

    12th July 2020

    Fast Ford regular, Hannah Ward, already has an awesome collection of cars, the latest of which is this stunning, 582bhp FoCos track car. Having followed the build in our projects section, here it is in full glory… Read the full…

  • You only live twice

    You only live twice

    11th July 2020

    Back in 2003, this RS Turbo was the archetypal modded Escort of the era – Delta bodykit, shouty paintjob, the works. But today it’s been reborn as a much stealthier proposition for the 2020s…      Read the full feature…

  • Couple Up

    Couple Up

    10th July 2020

    What’s better than finding true love? Finding out that they also share the same passion for fast Fords as you do, and also have a tasty Fiesta ST in the garage too…     Read the full feature in the…

  • King of the Hill

    King of the Hill

    17th June 2020

    There have been a number of awesome Escorts built and raced over the years, but this Austrian Hillclimb Championship contender is surely among the best of them all… Read the full feature in the July 2020 issue… Can’t get to…