• I am Legend

    I am Legend

    27th April 2020

    Legendary fast Ford engine build, Harvey Gibbs and his ‘90s Escort Cosworth, are taking the fight to big-budget modern competition…

  • Sweet like Kandy

    Sweet like Kandy

    26th April 2020

    Ryan Wilkinson’s immaculate 417bhp Focus RS is inspired by a two-time Fast Ford feature car..

  • Brown Pants

    Brown Pants

    25th April 2020

    It’s brown. It looks pants. But it does frightening things that’ll make a right mess of your unmentionables…

  • Ford Fiesta RS – say what?!

    Ford Fiesta RS – say what?!

    24th April 2020

    Mechanic Liam Walsh has tackled the RS-engined Fiesta phenonmen by swapping the standard engine of his Mk5 for the Focus RS unit. Why?! Well, why the hell not?!



    23rd April 2020

    Thanks to a bizarre ’80s tie-up between Ford and VW in South America, Daniel Ayto has created one of the most radical, yet surprisingly straightforward, conversions on a Mk3 Escort yet…   Read the full feature in the May-June issue,…

  • PICK ‘N’ MIX

    PICK ‘N’ MIX

    23rd April 2020

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a rebadged ST170 – you’re looking at a fast Focus that’s heading north of 330bhp thanks to a heavily modified chassis designed to house the engine, transmission and suspension of a donor Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4…



    22nd April 2020

    Po-faced and sensible, this Mondeo ST220 needed shaking up. Enter the agent of chaos...

  • Hidden Depths

    Hidden Depths

    21st April 2020

    Now you see it, now you… still see it. Ali McMillan’s unique take on the camo concept is a cunning smokescreen, because hiding within the colourful disguise is a true-blue race car.   Read the full feature in the May-June…



    21st April 2020

    Custom headlights aren’t the only reason this 671bhp Focus RS has attracted jealous glances and a distinctive nickname..

  • Group S RS200

    Group S RS200

    20th April 2020

    Thought you knew the RS200 story? Know about the proposed ‘Group S’ regulations that were due to take over from Group B? Know that Ford’s chief rally engineer, John Wheeler, actually built one (the only one!) for himself?   Read…