15th May 2020

    Eric Lloyd’s lifelong obsession with Blue Ovals almost came to an abrupt end when he sat behind the wheel of a Vauxhall. Thankfully, he bounced back to create this fantastic 625bhp Mk2 Focus RS animal!

  • Maxi-mum Attack

    Maxi-mum Attack

    14th May 2020

    The F2 'Kit Cars' were some of the most impressive cars to ever grace a rally stage, and Ford's Escort RS2000 contender among the quickest of them all!

  • Rear gunner

    Rear gunner

    13th May 2020

    Ballistic, brutal and bulletproof, Gaz Richardson’s flame-spitting 635bhp Escort is a tail-sliding rear-drive rocket-ship



    12th May 2020

    Knowing he wanted a Fiesta ZS as his first car, Ross Nicholson bought this one and started modding it before he was even old enough to drive!

  • Saint or sinner?

    Saint or sinner?

    11th May 2020

    With a demonic 400bhp motor and slammed on AirRide suspension, this heavenly Focus RS has got style, performance and practicality in one package, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t ruffled a few feathers along the way…

  • Maximum Attack

    Maximum Attack

    8th May 2020

    You’ve seen it before, but never like this. Charlie Shaw’s epic Cossie-powered Focus is back, armed with 1000bhp and ready to claim the Time Attack crown!

  • Mission Impossible

    Mission Impossible

    7th May 2020

    There’s a reason you don’t see many tuned Mondeo ST220s about, it’s because there isn’t much available for them. But that didn’t stop Andy Martin creating this 300bhp, throttle-bodied winner

  • Special Delivery

    Special Delivery

    6th May 2020

    Modified vans seldom grace these pages, but with its EsCos looks and Cossie YB powerplant, Wayne Muscat’s Escort van is something a bit special.

  • Rags to Riches

    Rags to Riches

    5th May 2020

    Once a builders' hack carrying rocks around a quarry, this P100 now sports 400bhp worth of Cossie YB and a full 4x4 conversion...and some rather in-your-face paintwork too!

  • Social Experiment

    Social Experiment

    4th May 2020

    It may look as if it’ll rip your face off, but every step of this aggressive Focus RS500’s creation has been subject to social media scrutiny… until we ended up with this gorgeous-yet-intimating monster!