22nd May 2019

    Built by Surrey-based Bill Shepherd Mustang, this 850bhp Shelby ‘Super Snake’ is undoubtedly the most brutal incarnation of the modern-day Mustang that you can currently get your mitts on. But be warned: it bites… Read the full feature in the…

  • Keeping Exclusive

    Keeping Exclusive

    12th May 2019

    This limited-edition Fiesta ST is an all-rounder like no other, thanks to wide-arch looks for the show scene and 330bhp for use on the track… Read the full feature in the July 2019 issue…  

  • Non-Conformist


    10th May 2019

    Sticking two-fingers up at the collectors and investors, Pete Wooltorton’s doing what he and his RS500 do best ­– making lots of noise, creating lots of smoke, and causing lots of havoc…! Read the full feature in the July 2019…

  • Daredevil


    2nd May 2019

    Ross Parkin just can’t leave cars alone – he’s always looking for new ways to make them faster and cooler. And with a massive power upgrade from Devil Developments, he’s firmly ticked both of those boxes here…   Read the…

  • I Am Legend

    I Am Legend

    1st May 2019

    When lifelong Ford fan Jon Cassidy bought this RS Turbo recently, he wasn’t just getting a retro Escort: he was buying a chapter of hot hatch history…    Read the full feature in the July 2019 issue…  

  • Darwin Awards

    Darwin Awards

    7th April 2019

    This big-power Cossie-engined XR4i is fresh on the scene – or, at least, it was back in 2003. But rather a lot’s changed since then, the Sierra evolving and reimagining itself to move with the times… Read the full feature…

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four

    5th April 2019

    It takes something very different to stick out in the Focus scene, but Geoff Longley has certainly managed it with his big power ST that hides a four-wheel drive punch   Read the full feature in the June 2019 issue……

  • Rocket Science

    Rocket Science

    2nd April 2019

    The Mk7 Fiesta ST is a fabulous hot hatch in factory form, and we know how tuneable it is too. But what Ben Wheeler’s achieved here is just in another dimension…   Read the full feature in the June 2019…

  • The Element of Surprise

    The Element of Surprise

    1st April 2019

    From its stock RS wheels to its factory Recaros, this S2 RS Turbo looks every inch the period-perfect 1980s survivor. But there’s some thoroughly 21st-century power hiding beneath that bonnet… Read the full feature in the June 2019 issue…

  • Looks can be deceiving

    Looks can be deceiving

    26th March 2019

    It looks like a really neat Fiesta ST but the subtle styling doesn’t give away how savagely quick this little animal really is. Read the full feature in the April 2019 issue… Order direct >>  Or find your nearest stockist…



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