• The story of… Colin McRae

    The story of… Colin McRae

    15th September 2021

    One of the most iconic characters in motorsport, Colin McRae will forever be remembered as a true Ford hero. Here’s why… Words Graham Robson  /  Photos Ford Photographic  It’s been 21 years since Colin McRae won his first rally event…

  • The real McRae

    The real McRae

    13th September 2021

    A humble Group A rally car with a fascinating history? It can only be the McRae family’s Sierra three-door… Words Jamie Arkle  /  Photos Ade Brannan    It’s hard to escape the fact that from the outside it looks just…

  • Driven: Puma ST

    Driven: Puma ST

    10th September 2021

    The new Puma ST is a hot version of Ford’s award-winning crossover, boasting 197bhp and dripping in Performance Ford branding. But does it live up to the name? 

  • Driven: Mustang Mach 1

    Driven: Mustang Mach 1

    22nd August 2021

    After selling his S550, Jason’s back behind the wheel of a Mustang. But how does the new Mach 1 compare to his old track-tuned GT?

  • DRIVEN: Fiesta ST Edition

    DRIVEN: Fiesta ST Edition

    1st August 2021

    Jason’s been out driving the latest fast Fiesta, and he’s ready to give us his verdict…

  • Driven: M235 Fiesta ST

    Driven: M235 Fiesta ST

    25th July 2021

    Just what is Mountune’s M235 upgrade for the revered Mk8 Fiesta really like?

  • Driven: Steeda’s Fiesta ST

    Driven: Steeda’s Fiesta ST

    12th July 2021

    Perhaps better known as one of the world’s leading Mustang tuners, Steeda’s techs have turned their hands to the Mk7 Fiesta ST, and we’ve been driving it…

  • Driven: Clive Sutton Mustang CS800

    Driven: Clive Sutton Mustang CS800

    10th June 2021

    With thousands of Mustangs being sold in Britain each year, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, you contact Clive Sutton and buy one of these…



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