• Twist of fate

    Twist of fate

    18th January 2022

    After finally finding the car of his dreams, Ceri Morgan set about tuning it – and he didn’t stop until he’d created this 826bhp monster!

  • Fiesta XR2i Cover Car… Build Pics

    Fiesta XR2i Cover Car… Build Pics

    3rd December 2021

    If you’ve seen the awesome ST170-turbo’d, rear-wheel-drive, Fiesta XR2i from the cover of the Jan 2022 issue, you’ll no doubt want to know more about how it was built. We’ve crammed as many details in the feature as we could,…

  • Learn to be a: Stunt Driver!

    Learn to be a: Stunt Driver!

    27th October 2021

    Ever seen those crazy stunt displays at shows like Ford Fair, and fancied having a go yourself? Well you can. Jamie shows you how…

  • 10 Minute Tech: INDUCTION KITS

    10 Minute Tech: INDUCTION KITS

    5th October 2021

    In our new tech series, each issue we answer ten quick-fire questions to bring you up to speed on a particular product. This month it’s the turn of induction kits

  • Driven: Escort RS Cosworth

    Driven: Escort RS Cosworth

    5th October 2021

    What it’s like behind the wheel of a true Blue Oval legend…   The excitement and drama of the Escort RS Cosworth experience begins long before you hit full boost on the open road. In fact, it starts before you…

  • Wolf in Wolf’s clothing

    Wolf in Wolf’s clothing

    28th September 2021

    This rear-wheel drive, 556bhp Escort Cosworth road and track weapon is every bit as formidable as the WRC-style body and Porsche paintwork suggests it should be…   “I never really wanted an Escort Cosworth, and I always said that if…

  • The story of… Colin McRae

    The story of… Colin McRae

    15th September 2021

    One of the most iconic characters in motorsport, Colin McRae will forever be remembered as a true Ford hero. Here’s why… Words Graham Robson  /  Photos Ford Photographic  It’s been 21 years since Colin McRae won his first rally event…

  • The real McRae

    The real McRae

    13th September 2021

    A humble Group A rally car with a fascinating history? It can only be the McRae family’s Sierra three-door… Words Jamie Arkle  /  Photos Ade Brannan    It’s hard to escape the fact that from the outside it looks just…

  • Driven: Puma ST

    Driven: Puma ST

    10th September 2021

    The new Puma ST is a hot version of Ford’s award-winning crossover, boasting 197bhp and dripping in Performance Ford branding. But does it live up to the name? 



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