• Rare Groove

    Rare Groove

    25th December 2020

    Hazel Johnson has a thing for limited-edition Fords. And with a keen eye for aesthetic and performance enhancements, her Fiesta ST500 has been turned into a special one-of-one hot hatch   Read the full feature in the Feb issue…

  • The Sixth Element

    The Sixth Element

    25th December 2020

    You can crush it into diamonds or burn it as coal – but when you stir carbon into the Fast Ford recipe, you can create something truly dynamic… Behold, the one-off Focus RS Carbon Edition   Read the full feature…

  • Black Mirror

    Black Mirror

    25th December 2020

    With 450bhp, this RS500 concours winner is a very dark (and shiny!) horse   Read the full feature in the Feb issue…

  • Civic Unrest

    Civic Unrest

    25th December 2020

    He sold a fast Honda and found himself missing the high-octane lifestyle, so Gregg Smith bought a Fiesta… And he made it even faster…   Read the full feature in the Feb issue…

  • East meets West

    East meets West

    29th November 2020

    Powered by one of the Far East’s most potent powerplants, Jason West’s Fiesta ST150 is a mental mash-up of truly transcontinental proportions Read the full feature in the current issue… Order your copy direct from us and get FREE DELIVERY!…

  • Nouveau Riche

    Nouveau Riche

    29th November 2020

    Matthew Connell may have bought his Nouveau Red Sapphire on the grounds that it’s a sensible investment, but don’t go thinking he’s a soulless collector out for profit – this lifelong modder has poured his heart and soul into making…

  • One man banned

    One man banned

    29th November 2020

    After a high-speed crash left Russell Dack with a pile of twisted metal and an 18-month driving ban, he did what any self-respecting Cossie-nut would do: rebuild his pride and joy to be more mental than ever Read the full…

  • Overload Principle

    Overload Principle

    29th November 2020

    Taut, muscular, impressively powerful – and the Fiesta’s not bad either. Former body-builder Al Smyth has just what it takes to pump up the adrenaline in this lean and fit Mk8 ST      Read the full feature in the…

  • Game, Set and Hatch

    Game, Set and Hatch

    29th November 2020

    ST and RS variants of the Focus are at the very top of their game – and at the hands of enthusiasts like Stephen Beaumont and Neil McRae, these hot hatches just keep winning more hearts… Read the full feature…

  • Adrenaline Roush

    Adrenaline Roush

    30th October 2020

    White knuckle rides don’t get much whiter or scarier, than this rare Roush Mustang.     Read the full feature in the current issue…