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Inside the Jan 2020 issue!

Inside the Jan 2020 issue!

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Driven: Revo's Fiesta ST

Driven: Revo's Fiesta ST

Our thoughts on Revo's Stage 1 Mk8 ST...


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    1st December 2019

    With the RS500 up and running, Paul turns his attention to finishing off the cabin…

  • One Love

    One Love

    29th November 2019

    RS Turbos have been a lifelong passion for Adam Bowler. So, when he discovered that this one was riddled with rot and bodges, he couldn’t bring himself to scrap it; instead, he built it into something incredible… Read the full…



    29th November 2019

    Jamie Kent’s silver dream machine appears at first glance to be a flawless Cosworth converted to WRC body specs. But there’s a whole lot of smoke-and-mirrors going on here… Read the full feature in the January 2020 issue…    



    29th November 2019

    James Allen has an all-consuming addiction, measured not in tenths of an ounce but in tenths of a second… Read the full feature in the January 2020 issue…  

  • Gone in Ten Seconds…

    Gone in Ten Seconds…

    29th November 2019

    This stunning Sapphire Cosworth is unlike any other, thanks to a homebuilt 760bhp YB engine and a sequential gearbox that help it cover the quarter mile in just 10.3 seconds…   Read the full feature in the January 2020 issue……

  • Lucky number six

    Lucky number six

    29th November 2019

    A lifelong Ford fan, Simon Tudor always had a soft spot for the Mk6 ST and he now owns one of the best examples you’ll find… Read the full feature in the January 2020 issue…  

  • Best Cover 2019

    Best Cover 2019

    8th November 2019

    Naturally, over the last 13 issues we’ve had 13 different covers. Some have been bright, some have been serious, some have been themed, and others have just been pure fun. But which is your favourite? Get voting…  

  • Best Wildcard

    Best Wildcard

    8th November 2019

    Now, we could have added a load more categories for everything for best engine swap to best sleeper, but with so many great cars to choose from we’d soon run out of space! Instead, we’ve grouped together all the cars…

  • Best Modern (post-2000)

    Best Modern (post-2000)

    8th November 2019

    There’s no denying that modern Blue Ovals are among the greatest cars on the roads today. We’re privileged enough to see loads of fine fast Fords grace these pages, but here’s our pick of the best post-2000 models to appear…

  • Best Old-School (pre-2000)

    Best Old-School (pre-2000)

    8th November 2019

    We love a bit old-school here at Fast Ford, and you only need to take a quick peek at some of the truly fantastic retro feature cars we’ve had in the mag over the past 12 months to see why.…