Craig’s Focus TDCi Sport Update (311)

| Other Fords, Others | 08/06/2012 14:52pm

We go back to November when, with the styling sorted (for the moment), Craig went to get some more power for the diesel Focus.


RS-engined Connect van divides opinion on autoblog

| News | 19/02/2010 09:25am

Remember Mike Woodford’s awesome Transit Connect van with its Focus RS engine? Well one of the star’s of our sleeper special has been causing quite a storm with the Americans on website, autoblog.


Millers Competition

| News | 06/08/2012 11:37am

WIN Millers CFS Nanodrive Oil Want to get your hands on some revolutionary Millers Nanodrive oil which saw gains of over 20bhp in recent tests? Well lucky for you we’re giving some away! You have the chance to win one of five 5-litre packs, and all you have to do is enter our Millers Oil [...]


Update on Dan’s Mondeo

| Staff Cars | 08/03/2010 00:00am

The Mondeo started chucking out a cloud of smoke on cold start-up and displaying ‘diesel knock’ under load, both symptoms of a dodgy injector.

Tech: Bosch fuel injection – part 2

| Knowledge, Tech | 25/03/2009 12:26pm

Stu continues his in-depth look at Bosch K and KE Jetronic fuel injection.


Lowdown: Brakes

| Tech | 06/10/2009 12:03pm

We take a look at what makes a better brake set-up, and why…


Issue 306 Wallpapers!

| Media, Wallpapers | 03/08/2011 15:48pm

Here are some fresh Fast Ford images for you to use as your computer’s desktop wallpaper.


Jamie’s Saph Update (298)

| Cars, Jamie, Sierra, Staff Cars | 11/04/2011 15:50pm

Next up for a Staff Cars retrospective update is the big man with his Saph…


Fiesta Shows Its Colours

| Cars, Fiesta, News | 13/01/2011 16:33pm

Ford has unveiled the new livery of the Fiesta RS World Rally Car… And it looks awesome!


Jamie’s Saph Update (303)

| Cars, Jamie, Sierra, Staff Cars | 13/06/2011 16:26pm

Hands up, Jamie’s cocked up (again)!

Tech: exhaust tuning

| Knowledge, Tech, Tuning Guides | 15/03/2008 11:19am

Stu’s words of wisdom. This month: exhaust tuning, theory and practise.


Track Day Prep – Part 2

| Knowledge, Tech | 15/01/2010 12:14pm

Get your handling, engine and interior sorted for your next track day blast.

Tech how to: fit a nitrous kit

| How To... | 23/10/2007 10:06am

Take a cheap(ish) shot at your engine by fitting a nitrous oxide kit for extra grunt. Here’s how…

How To Modify: Mondeo Mk2

| Cars, Other Fords, Tuning Guides | 14/03/2008 15:21pm

With the right mods you can ditch that repmobile image for good, we show you how.


Lowdown: Cylinder Heads

| Tech | 01/09/2009 10:59am

Head tuning is a vital part of any performance engine. We take a look at what’s involved.


Mustang Desktop

| Media, Wallpapers | 25/10/2006 13:08pm

Drag-ready Mustang


Bathurst-Winning RS500 Video

| Cosworth, Sierra, Videos | 13/06/2011 14:05pm

Fast Ford reader Mick Haven was reminded of Dick Johnson’s ferocious Sierra RS500 when reading our 100 Years of Ford in Britain issue (May 2011), so we’ve dug out the video.