Jamie’s Fiesta Red Edition



    11th March 2017

    Jamie treats the Fiesta to a host of performance hardware upgrades ready for a full Stage 2 conversion…



    11th March 2017

    The Fiesta is transformed with a simple Stage 1 remap from Revo, adding over 20bhp!

  • Service Time!

    Service Time!

    5th January 2017

    Nothing exciting to report this month I’m afraid. The Fiesta has been running faultlessly, and has continued to rack up the miles with ease. In fact, it’s now racked up so many mils that it was due for its first…

  • Rim Savers!

    Rim Savers!

    27th October 2016

    The Fiesta gets a funky mod that not only looks cool but will protect the awesome Fifteen52s from damage too…

  • Back in Black

    Back in Black

    27th October 2016

    Jamie gets the Fiesta’s Fifteen52s sprayed in Panther Black…

  • The Wheel Thing!

    The Wheel Thing!

    27th October 2016

    Jamie gets the Fifteen 52 Turbomac’s fitted to the Fiesta, and they look awesome!

  • Wheelie Good!

    Wheelie Good!

    27th October 2016

    Jamie sorts some new rims and rubber for the Fiesta!

  • Bring the Noise!

    Bring the Noise!

    27th October 2016

    The Fiesta gets treated to a performance exhaust system

  • Get Set…

    Get Set…

    27th October 2016

    The Fiesta gets a full alignment check after last month’s suspension upgrades…

  • Getting Down!

    Getting Down!

    27th October 2016

    The Fiesta is only a few weeks old but already it’s been treated to some uprated suspension…