Ade’s Sapphire Cosworth



    11th March 2017

    Ade can’t stand putting cars into hibernation, so it’s maximum use before that happens!

  • Retro Rides

    Retro Rides

    5th January 2017

    For the past five years, myself and an ever-expanding convoy of friends have been making the trip south to the annual Retro Rides Gathering. Most recently held at the historic hillclimb venue of Shelsley Walsh, and ending up being a…

  • Showtime!


    5th January 2017

    I might not have been long back from the Nürburgring, but I had plenty more trips planned! First up was Santa Pod’s Retro Show. The plan was to drive my low ‘n’ slow Chrysler Horizon in convoy with my Trabant-owning…

  • To The ‘Ring… (again!)

    To The ‘Ring… (again!)

    5th January 2017

    I’m no stranger to the Nürburgring, and I’m beginning to lose count how many times I’ve driven it, (maybe over eight trips?), but there is always an air of trepidation surrounding a visit. Even though it’s not actually that far…

  • Fade Free

    Fade Free

    5th January 2017

    As you may have seen elsewhere in the mag, my initial brake upgrade mostly just very quickly showed up the weaknesses. Yes, at Burton’s Snetterton track day the rear pads disintegrated, so badly in fact that the calliper popped right…

  • Stop & Steer

    Stop & Steer

    5th January 2017

    The Cossie may be sorted in the looks and power departments, but the handling and braking have always let it down. Yes it does have an awesome set of Gaz Golds fitted, but the combination of winding them down to…

  • Serious Footwear

    Serious Footwear

    5th January 2017

    The last update saw me making a mess of my prized Irmler Racing splitrims in the salty Scottish conditions, and not being able to bring myself to fit some hideous old 17-inch aftermarket wheels I had kicking around. So with…

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

    5th January 2017

    I’m much more of a ‘live for the moment’ than a ‘save for the future’ kind of guy, so taking cars off the road for winter has never been something I’ve ever enjoyed. The problem is this Cossie is just…

  • Final Mapping

    Final Mapping

    5th January 2017

    It’s been a long time coming, but all good things come to those who wait, right? Well, not to mention those who invest in a lot of parts, time and expertise of the right people! Before I started getting involved…

  • Ultimate Stance

    Ultimate Stance

    5th January 2017

    With the Cossie now freshly painted and polished by MJ Racing, it was time to fuel up and hit the road. The Telford International Centre was my destination, and the now-renowned top level event Ultimate Stance was the reason. It…