Keep on top of your finances when tuning your Ford

| Knowledge | 11/12/2014 12:22pm

Like many of you, when we’re not physically tuning our Fords, we’re online looking into the latest developments in customised car performance – however we’re aware that this hobby can come with a hefty price tag! In an ideal world, we would be free to indulge our motoring passions without having to worry about the [...] c7837ccd9e05412fbcdc018e09ff5434

10 Top Tips To Take Better Photos Of Your Car

| Cars, Magazine, News, Tech | 25/06/2013 11:36am

Take professional-looking photos of you car with our 10 top tips! After all the hard work and effort that goes in to making our fast Ford look the way we like, it’s only natural to want some nice photos to show off our handiwork. However, none of us our professional photographers, and the pictures we [...]

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Fine-tuning your Ford

| Cars, News, Tuning Guides | 25/04/2013 14:32pm

Ford is currently one of the most popular car companies in the British Isles, having dominated official top-selling car lists for decades. In fact, Ford has dominated the top spot for the last thirty-nine years, with no exceptions. The Ford Fiesta is currently Ford’s crowning triumph, having been the top-selling car in the UK for [...]


Buyer’s Guide: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 13/05/2012 19:13pm

Here is all you need to know if you are in the market for Ford’s late-80s hot hatch sequel – the Escort RS Turbo S2 buying guide.


Mini Fit Guide: Focus Door Handles

| How To..., Other Fords | 22/04/2012 17:47pm

Here’s a really simple way to improve your Mk1 Focus – fit body-coloured door handles and smooth the locks. Here’s how…


Fast Ford September Issue Tech Features

| Back Issues, Tech | 02/09/2011 15:00pm

Want to lower and sharpen the handling of your Mk7 Fiesta? Fit or find out about sports seats and harnesses? Find out about your clutch? You need the September issue of Fast Ford.


Get Expert Tech Advice

| Tech | 05/08/2011 15:34pm

Our team of experts is on hand to give the most accurate and reliable advice on the web.


Buyer’s Guide: Focus ST 225

| Buyer's Guides, Focus ST | 04/08/2011 11:44am

Mk2 Focus STs are arguably the Ford performance bargain of the moment – a proper modern Ford with easy potential for around 300bhp. Here’s what to look for.


Buyer’s Guide: Sapphire Cosworth 4×4

| Buyer's Guides, Cosworth, Sierra | 29/07/2011 16:08pm

Cossies have a, somewhat unfair, reputation for horror stories. Here’s how to give yourself a chance of bagging a goodie.


Buyer’s Guide: Escort GTi

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 12/07/2011 15:24pm

The last of the ‘sporty’ Escorts is currently a real bargain, so here’s what to look for.


Supercharger Fitting Guide

| Fiesta, Magazine, Tuning Guides | 12/07/2011 14:48pm

Boost your BHP with only one day’s work by fitting a ‘charger – read our simple guide in the latest issue.


Lowdown: Roll Cages

| Knowledge | 11/07/2011 11:07am

Download our PDF that tells you exactly what a roll cage does and why you need one.


Lowdown: Silicone Hoses

| Knowledge, Tech | 18/06/2011 10:17am

Download our PDF that tells you exactly what silicon hoses do and why you need them.


Lowdown: Gaskets And Fixings

| Knowledge, Tech | 11/04/2011 12:52pm

Download our PDF that investigates the components that hold your engine together.


Lowdown: Handling Components

| Knowledge, Tech | 22/03/2011 13:44pm

Download our performance tuning guide on PDF that investigates specialist bits designed to improve handling.


Haltech Engine Management

| How To..., Tech | 05/08/2010 12:18pm

Sitech Racing’s infamous Escort is fitted up with Haltech engine management. We show you how it’s done


Air Fuel Ratios Part 1

| Tech, Tuning Guides | 26/07/2010 15:58pm

Stu Sanderson and Will Pedley look at what the air/fuel mixture is and how it affects the running and performance of your car.