Buyer’s Guide: Series 2 Escort RS Turbo

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 13/05/2012 19:13pm

Here is all you need to know if you are in the market for Ford’s late-80s hot hatch sequel – the Escort RS Turbo S2 buying guide.


And The Winner Is…

| Cosworth, Escort, Sierra | 26/08/2011 15:04pm

We’ve been running a series of polls to find out what our Facebook fans’ favourite fast Ford ever is! And today we announce the winner…


Buyer’s Guide: Escort GTi

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 12/07/2011 15:24pm

The last of the ‘sporty’ Escorts is currently a real bargain, so here’s what to look for.


How Do You Take Your EsCos?

| Cars, Cosworth, Escort | 05/07/2011 15:00pm

Stunning road Cossie or mental track beast? Choose your weapon…

Martin Hadland’s record-breaking caravan tow

| Cars, Cosworth, Escort, Media, Videos | 15/10/2010 10:13am

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the latest issue and read all about Reyland Motorsport’s main man, Martin Hadland’s story to break the illusive 200mph barrier. Now see him in action as he becomes a record breaker!


RS Turbo problems

| Cars, Escort, Knowledge, Tech | 06/11/2008 09:13am

Stu reveals 13 of the most common problems for Escort RS Turbos.

How to Modify: Escort Mk6

| Cars, Escort, Tuning Guides | 20/11/2007 08:57am

Not as pokey as RS-badged Escorts, but with the right bits the late 16-valve Zetec models can mix with the best of ’em.

Escort Cosworth buyer

Buyer’s Guide: Escort RS Cosworth T25

| Buyer's Guides, Cosworth, Escort | 15/10/2007 16:30pm

Swapping the T34 turbo for a T25 helped continue the Escort Cossie’s sales success, proving that good things do come in small packages.

RS1600i buyer

Buyer’s Guide: Escort RS1600i

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 13/09/2007 00:00am

After a two-year absence the RS badge returned with the RS1600i, and what a car to come back with.

RS2000 buyer

Buyer’s Guide: Mk5 Escort RS2000

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 12/04/2007 14:48pm

Hitting the streets back in the ’90s, the 2wd RS2K is now fast becoming a blinding motor at a bargain price.

How To Modify: S1 RS Turbo

| Cars, Escort, Tuning Guides | 07/03/2007 00:00am

The S1 — a quality Ford that’s high on the wish list of any blue oval fan, but as ever there’s always room for improvement…

Esc Cabby buyers

Buyer’s Guide: Mk4 Escort Cabrio

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 02/03/2007 00:00am

The facelifted cabrio was a hit from the off with car buyers loving its blend of sporty styling, eager performance and excellent reliability.

XR3 buyers

Buyer’s Guide: Mk3 Escort XR3/XR3i

| Buyer's Guides, Escort | 12/12/2006 15:04pm

Bursting onto the scene in the ’80s, the XR3, and later ’3i, made history as the first fwd sporty ’scort and saw the birth of the XR legend.

Escort RS1600i

| Cars, Escort, Tuning Guides | 26/10/2006 14:35pm

With a head start in motorsport over two decades ago, the RS1600i deserves quality upgrades and careful mods, so make the most of this sought-after RS.