Lowdown: Brakes

| Tech | 06/10/2009 12:03pm

We take a look at what makes a better brake set-up, and why…


Update on Dan’s Mondeo

| Staff Cars | 08/03/2010 00:00am

The Mondeo started chucking out a cloud of smoke on cold start-up and displaying ‘diesel knock’ under load, both symptoms of a dodgy injector.

duratec tuning

Duratec tuning

| Tuning Guides | 10/07/2009 10:00am

The Duratec is capable of more power than it offers as standard. Read on to find out how to release it.


Jamie’s Saph Update (298)

| Cars, Jamie, Sierra, Staff Cars | 11/04/2011 15:50pm

Next up for a Staff Cars retrospective update is the big man with his Saph…


Jamie’s Saph Update (303)

| Cars, Jamie, Sierra, Staff Cars | 13/06/2011 16:26pm

Hands up, Jamie’s cocked up (again)!


Bathurst-Winning RS500 Video

| Cosworth, Sierra, Videos | 13/06/2011 14:05pm

Fast Ford reader Mick Haven was reminded of Dick Johnson’s ferocious Sierra RS500 when reading our 100 Years of Ford in Britain issue (May 2011), so we’ve dug out the video.


Track Day Prep – Part 2

| Knowledge, Tech | 15/01/2010 12:14pm

Get your handling, engine and interior sorted for your next track day blast.


Jet pack v Focus RS

| Cars, Focus RS, Media, Videos | 13/05/2009 11:23am

How about this for a race?!


Mustang Desktop

| Media, Wallpapers | 25/10/2006 13:08pm

Drag-ready Mustang


Fiesta Shows Its Colours

| Cars, Fiesta, News | 13/01/2011 16:33pm

Ford has unveiled the new livery of the Fiesta RS World Rally Car… And it looks awesome!


Rapid, rwd Norwegian Escort Cosworth from issue 291

| Media, Wallpapers | 16/04/2010 11:56am

To download wallpaper, right-click on the image you want and Save Image As… or Set As Desktop Background

An old-school Fiesta taken to extremes with a 1.9 turbo’d CVH

Buyer’s Guide: Mk2 Fiesta XR2

| Buyer's Guides, Fiesta | 26/10/2006 14:18pm

Unlike some sequels out there, the Mk2 Fiesta XR2 was every bit as good as the original fast Fiesta.


Fast Ford Back Issues

| Back Issues | 03/08/2011 14:50pm

Missed a copy of your favourite Ford tuning mag? You can get any of the last six issues delivered to your door.


Lowdown: Cylinder Heads

| Tech | 01/09/2009 10:59am

Head tuning is a vital part of any performance engine. We take a look at what’s involved.


Engine Cooling – Oil

| Knowledge, Tech | 30/04/2009 11:10am

Stu looks at the engine’s primary cooling fluid – oil.


Ford Fest – Sunday 13th September 2015, Santa Pod Raceway

| Shows | 27/08/2015 15:55pm

FordFest is a brand new event for 2015 bringing together the best examples of classic and modern models in the ultimate season finale for Ford fans. Featuring high-speed drag strip action, thousands of the UK’s best Fords on display, large trade area and spectacular demos and stunts. The legendary Santa Pod drag strip will be [...]

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 10.11.00 am

New Ken Block Vid…

| News | 12/11/2013 11:12am

The new Need for Speed Gymkhana 6 video has landed! Once again Ken Block shows off his crazy talents in an insanely fast Fiesta!