Neil’s Mk1 Update (310)

| Fiesta | Neil | 16/04/2012 16:58pm
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We go back to October 2011 for this update, when Neil was tearing up Fight Club and Ford Fair in the Mk1.

October has seen a heavy amount of use and abuse for my Mk1. I have been doing the daily slog to work in it, commuting up to do work on the FRST in it, and of course I’ve been letting my obscene right foot run riot every step of the way.

Besides terrifying the locals – including a couple of, shall we say, ‘larger ladies’ one night while kicking flames out as I passed them – I took it to the Fast Ford Fight Club at Santa Pod. I did my usual thing of no mercy driving, and was amazed that I didn’t kill the tired CV or the clutch, which has been hanging on by a thread for some time.

I was bang on it for quite some time, and what made me chuckle was the amount of onlookers who thought the car was rear-drive! While at Fight Club, I had Jonny from shoot a little sequence of me doing some of my antics. It’s a cool video if I say so myself – if you want to take a look, just click here.

After a serious amount of spanking, I drove home but that day really did highlight the need for a proper steering wheel though, so in-keeping with the retro style interior and retrim, there was only one wheel I was interested in. A handmade, small dished item from classic specialists Moto Lita. These things just ooze pure class.

Ford Fair was coming up fast and I was ignoring the clearly shot-to-pieces CV, and the belt that was recently changed had started to squeal again. It was obvious that one of the pulleys was ruined. So once again Mark Hudd of M Hudd Autos helped me out. Having sorted it with ease last month, I dropped it in for a fresh belt and pulley. I keep a spare belt in the boot now: you never know! Mark gave it a good spanner check for me and sorted the issues in no time and I collected it just in time to head to Ford Fair.

I was gutted not to have the turbo ready for the show, but I wasn’t going to miss out on track action. I was relatively well behaved but it highlighted what I already knew: I need a catch tank and an oil cooler. Not to mention the weak clutch that made it impossible to go full throttle, especially in the corners. With a few tweaks it could be an epic track car, but passing noise regs would be tricky, and I honestly don’t want to track it. It’s a road car, and always will be. It helped me vent some stress though!


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