Dan’s Mondeo Update (308)

| Dan | Other Fords | 30/08/2011 15:19pm

Dan‘s discovering that modifying on a budget doesn’t have to mean tacky and tasteless…

It’s all too easy to over-modify a car, and certain models seem to fall foul of it more than others. It’s mainly cars that don’t have many aftermarket parts available to choose from, and cars that are often owned by… how can I put it… older gentlemen!

Yup, I’m talking about Mondeos. I’ve seen more than my fair share of ‘modified’ Mondeos with yards of convoluted tubing, tasteless alloys, and more recently, chintzy eBay special headlights. I’m determined not to fall foul of it with mine. Which is why I found myself down the workshop, armed with a couple of cans of paint, and a hot air gun!

Strip the lights, paint the shiny bits black, then reassemble. Easy.

I’m not the first person to make a set of ‘black-eye’ lights, and I was surprised at how easy it was. Just remove the plastic lens, then unscrew the reflective surround from the body of the light, give it a key, a lick of primer and then a top coat of matt black. The finished effect looks far nicer than the low cost would suggest. While I was at it I also borrowed some black vinyl from one of the guys on Fast Car mag (cheers Glenn!) and added it to the lower portion of the bumper, ‘RS style’.

Half way through the process the hot air gun I was using packed up, and I discovered that it’s bloody tricky without one! But I persevered and, despite mechanic Matt commenting that it looked like I’d “driven over a bin bag”, I’m chuffed with the result. Subtly improved without looking overdone or tacky.

The load-lugger is looking a lot more ‘ST-spec’ now.

I also took the time down the workshop to carry out a couple of jobs including replacing one of the handbrake cables (£58 – ouch!) and fitting the set of Maxxis tyres I’d ordered a while back. Swapping the mismatch of cheapo tyres that were on the car for a brand new set of MAZ1s was a revelation.

Not only is it quieter (the old tyres had feathered and made a right racket) but it also feels so much  more confident in both wet, and the dry, with the wet weather grip being the most noticeable, and very welcome improvement! Definitely a set of recommended rubber!

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